Sunday, August 14, 2016

Another day, another moon…


Another water reflection…


Here is a small portion of a picture of all of the moons I have photographed…


On another topic, we went sailing yesterday in beautiful, sunny weather.  Within 2 hours, we were experiencing 30 knots of wind and driving rain.  I actually got cold in the middle of summer in the Florida keys.




I secured my phone into the pocket of my rain gear, after taking the above picture.    When we got back to the dock, safely, I might add, I checked the photos I had taken.  The following is one that I DID NOT take, but was in my album…


My rain jacket is bright yellow.  The pockets are made of a white mesh.  The phone must have photographed the inside of my pocket.

There are no mountains in Marathon.


July 14, 2016

Last night, we went to ‘Business After Hours’ from 5:30 – 7:30 at Aquarium Encounters (, here in Marathon.   This ‘Business After Hours’ is put on by the Greater Marathon Chamber of Commerce.  Because Marathon Boat Yard and Marine Center is a member, and because I (Karen) am employed by MBYMC, the employees get the benefit of attending the fun stuff.

This monthly event is held at various locations ‘of interest’ in Marathon.   An informal dinner and drinks are served and the guests are invited to enjoy the venue.   It stormed while were there, but I got just a few pictures; nothing great, though.

Giant Grouper

The fish, turtles and crustaceans on display there are all from this area.  Flip and I have actually seen the Giant Groupers in the wild, right near our boat.

File Fish

We have not seen these File fish in the wild, however.  They are very thin, with a grotesquely small opening for their mouth.

Aquarium Encounters offers just what the name implies.  For a steep price, a visitor can buy various packages of interaction with the fish.  With the cost of the $20 admission, however, there are a few areas where you can touch and feel.  There is a ray pool where you can feed and touch, as well as another ‘pool’ with horseshoe crabs, anemones, starfish, whelks and shrimp.

While I was waiting in line for the food, feeling like I was wasting my time, I observed the following:

Mangrove roots
DSCN0365 copy2
Anole (?)  I have seen these in North Carolina

Then the rain came…

DSCN0381 copy2

And the thunder and lightning.

Did you know that Florida is the lightning capital of the US?


Sunday, July 10, 2016

This weekend, we did nothing exciting.  Unless you consider cleaning bathrooms, going to the grocery store, washing the boat, and performing ‘spring’ cleaning interesting.  Even down here, in the Keys, I guess one cannot, and should not, expect to have any degree of excitement every day.  Don’t get me wrong, cleaning is what I do best.  It’s a gift from God.  The gift-from-God part is that I truly love doing it.

Oh wait.  I forgot.  Something great did happen.  Last night, when the sun was shining just right on the water by our boat, I realized that we have our very own saltwater aquarium!  There is live coral along the banks and if you take enough time to look, you will see various species of tropical fish, too.  The kind people pay good money for in the pet stores!  I must figure out a way to ‘capture them on film’.  I don’t know the names/types of everything I have seen, but parrot fish and sergeant major fish are abundant.   I am determined to learn what each fish is before too long.

I have no new photos to post, so what follows is an old picture (well, from about 3-1/2 months ago) that is MY favorite.  And, I remember at Elaine’s wedding, Brent Gable mentioned that this is his favorite. Thank you, Brent! You have good taste.


July 5, 2016

I don’t know what it is with me and birds, but here we go again.  We sailed out to Looe Key on Sunday to spend the night and get in some snorkeling.  Two young cormorants took a liking to us and our boat.  Here is one of them trying to balance on our life-line, which runs the perimeter of our boat.  boatbird

He jumped around the boat, trying to get comfortable, I imagine.


Soon, his mate joined him.


And here is where they spent the night… on our boat… all night.




The next morning, I had to shew them off …


Later in the morning, we saw this beautiful flock:


Being July 4th and all, I felt the need to photograph something patriotic:


Here are just a few random photos from the weekend:

still more green


more green


The End. Of the Fourth of July weekend of 2016.



Sunday, June 12, 2016

Re-living memories…today…

Karen was organizing photos today and came across some old sailing pictures from 10 years ago.

Lauren Eric SBoat
Lauren and Eric, Spring 2006

Lauren Elaine SBoat
Lauren and Elaine, Fall 2006

Karen and Flip, Spring 2007

Karen took this video on September 1, 2007 from Argonauta, our previous sailboat.  We were about 14 miles off of the coast of Virginia Beach (no land in sight), when this nut hatch lands on our boat and decides to take the helm for a while.  Actually, the auto-pilot was in control, but the bird thought he was.  He hung around for about 15 minutes, even letting us hold him.  Then he flew off, continuing his journey.

Bird Video_Moment

We are fortunate and thankful to have adventure in our lives.                                                                                                                                ~~Flip

Saturday, June 11, 2016

This morning, as I was walking toward the laundry, I saw a shell –  midway up, on the inside of this rusty utility fence, which encloses some utility stuff.  I zoomed in with my camera, which, luckily, I had around my neck. whatisthis

After realizing it had a crab inside, I immediately dropped my bag of dirty clothes in the middle of the sidewalk and walked all the way around the fenced-in area where I could get a closer look.  It ends up that his shell was as big as my hand.

fence hermit

When I became bored with the hermit crab, I re-traced my steps back to my bag of laundry and got that started.  About 30 minutes later, I noticed the crab was not on the fence anymore.  So, I went back around to where I had last seen him and spent about 10 minutes looking for him and his pretty shell.  This time, I found him at the bottom of the fence. Assuming he was trying to get out of the fenced area, I grabbed the bottom of the linked fence and pulled hard towards me.  That allowed just enough space for my other hand to reach in and pull the shell out into the free world.



After we said our good-byes, he left me and went on his merry way.byby



Some more to reflect upon:


old hull




Something else I saw this morning; the biggest iguana I’ve ever seen, casually walking through this NAPA auto care shop.