Friday, Sept. 8

Yesterday, we arrived safely and without incident to Naples about 4pm. Leaving Marathon around 1230p looked like this:

Ghost town was the first thing that came to mind.

I thought there would be stop and go traffic, but the 70 or so miles from Marathon to the mainland via Route 1, or The Overseas Highway, was pleasantly light.  

Before hitting the road around 1230p for our next adventure, we watched our home/boat as it was lifted out of the water and blocked up on stands. 

As I write this, I can’t help but wonder if my post from August 21 is somehow partially to blame for Hurricane Irma. I wanted a new adventure, but not of this magnitude. And weren’t adventures supposed to be fun? This last 5 days has been nothing short of hard manual labor.  And worry.

We did have a little fun yesterday on our way out of town.  We had lunch with Karen’s employers, Bruce and Sherry Popham and another couple she works with. Apparently, Bruce and Sherry have a long standing- about 13 years- tradition of going to the Cracked Conch Cafe for margueritas when the hurricane prep is done. 

Bruce and Sherry

From left: Joe, Bruce, Sherry, Tina, Flip.

This little cafe is famous for its fried conch sandwich. I tried it and was surprised to find it tender, unlike the tough, chewy bits in conch fritters. It reminded me of dense catfish.  Bruce and Sherry treated us to the drinks and lunch. We said our goodbyes and hugged everyone and wished all a safe journey.

It only took us 4 hours to drive the 221 miles from Marathon to Naples. It was comforting coming into Elaine and Allyn’s home.  We quickly made ourselves at home and ended the day with our usual ritual of our favorite drink – gin. 

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