Hurricane Prep – 101

This is Tuesday, September 5, 2017 and Irma is headed directly for the Florida Keys.  I have no photograph to go with this post.  I was busy all day with my job at Marathon Boat Yard, taking care of the most urgent business, like payroll and implementing our ‘hurricane plan’.

 I just read that Irma is the most powerful storm EVER recorded in the Atlantic Ocean.  By Saturday or Sunday, the future of our happy, quaint little town will be determined. Will the storm surge or the wind carry every thing away? Will there be bridges or roads left to take us home to see what is left of our homes, boats or businesses?  

Everyone in the Keys has developed a hurricane plan. Businesses and families alike have a list of things to do and things to pack – before evacuating.  Flip and I each went to work today to be part of the teams of our employers and co-workers to secure our buildings, inventory, office equipment, customer’s assets, lock down tools and equipment, gather necessary documents needed to conduct business remotely and for coming back to carry on.  The commitment of employees and employers goes both ways.  We are here for each other.  

Bruce and Sherry Popham, owners of Marathon Boat Yard , where I, Karen, work, have owned their business for 20 years.  This is the first time they will have evacuated. This is dire.

Flip and I have our own hurricane plan. When you have it written out, it doesn’t seem that bad.  We have gassed up our vehicles, both of which we will be driving out to the mainland.  We have our ‘re-entry stickers’ that residents need. All of our possessions we don’t want to lose will be packed securely in the car and truck.  We have jugs of water, a cooler of food, a box of wine and enough gin for 3 weeks. Our boat will be hauled out of the water on Thursday. Insurance companies tend to believe that is the best place for boats during a hurricane.  Boats are placed on boat stands, which are then chained together. Some yards will actually secure the boats to anchors in the ground, but they can’t do that here in the Keys.  Marathon Boat Yard is actually considered a ‘hurricane hole’ – a somewhat protected area due to surrounding trees and land mass. 

We have accommodations starting Thursday night on the east coast AND the west coast of Florida, depending on which way Irma decides to go. 

I will post more tomorrow. 

2 thoughts on “Hurricane Prep – 101

  1. I have been thinking of you. Thank you for posting your plans! Hope all is better than expected for you and everyone in Irma’s path. We are not out of the woods yet, either. I pray for all.


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