Sunday, May 29, 2016

Last week, after leaving the CPA firm where I was working (way too stuffy…so I quit), I started work at Marathon Boat Yard Marine Center.

Today, my new employers, Bruce and Sherry Popham invited Flip and I to go out on a brand new 29′ Premier pontoon boat (unfortunately, not pictured here) to a popular spot off of Grassy Key called The Sandbar.

The water is clear, shallow and warm.  We put up umbrellas to stay out of the sun.


I saw a puffer fish, a horseshoe crab, a sting ray, and these living shells.  The bigger one is a conch, which is illegal to catch and keep down here.  The other one is a whelk.  Both had living animals inside.


Flip found this perfect sand dollar for me to photograph.  No living organisms were harmed in these pictures, by the way.DSCN0233


After this area became too crowded, we motored to a more secluded beach.DSCN0228


I think my new job is going to work out just fine.


I feel like I don’t even need to write words for some of my pictures.


This is a canal in Duck Key on the way back to end another great day.


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