Sunday, February 28, 2016

We drove to Key West today. This is the beach at Key West on the ocean.  It was more colorful than my photo shows.

KW Beach


I was not impressed with what I saw at Key West Cemetery.  (In other words, I didn’t get any good photographs)


For lunch, we split a cuban sandwich from Sandy’s Cafe:


We stopped by a dock, with lots of charter fishing boats, that advertised “TARPON FEEDING DAILY 12 – 1”.  Tarpon are large fish that the fishermen throw their scraps of fish to after they clean their daily haul.  Apparently, late February is not a good time to see this spectacle because we were told it was too cold for the fish.  I got a picture of these pelicans instead waiting for the scraps.




On the way back to Marathon, we made stops on Stock Island and Big Pine Key. We got a beer at Hog Fish Bar and Grill after walking around the marina close by.




Hog Fish Bar on Stock Island


We saw lots of endangered Key Deer in Big Pine.Key deer


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