Wednesday, November 4, 2015

While Flip is slaving away in Key West, which he needs to tell about that, I rode my bike today to Sombrero Beach with two girl friends. It’s about 10 miles round trip from our marina.  We travel down the main highway, Route 1, for about 3 miles, then take a right and go 2 miles straight to the beach.  I took a few pictures like I usually do of the usual stuff, but then I realized maybe I should practice taking photos of actual people.  I mean, really, how many pictures do you need of sunsets and beautiful clouds and birds?  Wouldn’t and shouldn’t people be more interesting anyway?  I would like any opinions on this matter.   As I post ‘people’ pictures, I will identify the person(s) if I actually know them; if I don’t, that means they are a stranger to me.

beach bird bird2 buoys DSCN0297

str2 stranger

Me and my friends
Me and my friends

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