Week 3 – Thursday, September 24, 2015

Daytona to Key Biscayne

Finally sailing in the ocean again and conditions couldn’t be any better. Perfect sunny day with a nice 10 – 15 knot wind to push us along. Our plan was to skip down the coast of Florida going from inlet to inlet, just sailing about 50 miles each day. We ended up sailing straight for 30 hours, covering 221 miles, and most importantly, avoiding 63 bridges!
We were hugging the coast, keeping about 3 miles out the whole time. This is necessary because the Gulf Stream gets closer to the shore the further south you go and with a 3 – 4 knot current heading north it will hinder your progress greatly. There is also the added benefit of cell service the whole time, allowing us to get constant weather updates. The weather forecast said chance of thunder storms every day for weeks, but we only encountered one on Thursday night. You could see it coming for miles so we were prepared, and it only lasted about 15 minutes. Seeing lightening strike nearby on the water is spectacular, and exciting. Karen was thankful it was my watch.
The scenery is the same all the way down the coast. Each city will have miles of high rise buildings, then nothing for a while, then the same again. The boat traffic increases the further south you go because of the shipping and cruise lines. Keeping an eye on all this activity keeps you busy. All large ships must have AIS, (automated identification system) which broadcast their important information such as heading and speed. We use an app called Marine Traffic which displays all this info so we can stay out of their way.

pelican zone, perhaps? (leaving ICW from Daytona, going outside)
pelican zone, perhaps?
(leaving ICW from Daytona, going outside)
Ponce Inlet, to the sea!
(To Miami, actually)
turbulent inlet
turbulent inlet
taken with camera
photo taken with iphone
photo taken with iphone

2 thoughts on “Week 3 – Thursday, September 24, 2015

  1. Hello fine travelers of the Reverie… what a wonderful show we are getting…the footage and written accounts are so impressive. I told Dad about your web site and he remarked that the pictures are of National Geographic quality. I agreed. Looking forward to more sites and sounds…
    Blessings, Courtney


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