Day 9 – Monday, September 14, 2015


We rose early in anticipation of our first offshore leg of the trip. We are tired of the confined ICW canals with all the bridges you either have to wait for to open, or hope you make it under.
We had light favorable winds the entire day. I caught a nice spanish mackeral right away and quickly filleted it for future meals. We witnessed our first flying fish(es) but they are so fast, Karen wasn’t able to catch them on film. They skim the water for hundreds of feet as their means of escape from whatever fish is chasing them. We also saw dolphins. They are becoming an every day occurrence, but still always exciting.
For the middle part of the day, we couldn’t see land and had no cell signal. We thoroughly enjoyed the peacefulness and dreamed of doing this forever. As we got closer to shore, we started seeing bait balls. These are schools of small fish in a tight ball, being pursued by larger fish. They ‘boil’ to the surface with fish jumping everywhere, trying to escape their death. There are always a bunch of gulls circling above these balls, waiting for any remains of the unlucky fish.
We entered Wrightsville Beach around 1830 and anchored just south of the main bridge to the beach. We dinghied to the town dock and met my cousins, Tom and Karen Shields, and one of their three sons, Nathan, and his girlfriend, Mary. We had a nice visit, catching up over drinks at a local Mexican restaurant. Tomorrow, we head to Southport for a few days.

Heading to Wrightsville Beach
Fish on
Fish on!

Calm ocean about 12 miles off coast between Morehead City and Wrightsville Beach

Wrightsville Beach
Wrightsville Beach

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