Day 7 – September 12, 2015

Stayed in Beaufort all day and worked on the boat due to rain and high winds.  Karen thinks her photos today are not sharp because of the 20 – 30 knot winds.  I dinghied to the Beaufort Marina fuel dock to get gas for the generator.  I asked a man working on the dock where the nearest grocery store was.  He said it was about a mile and a half away, but I could take his truck if I wanted to.  I was amazed by his generosity and trust.  This sort of thing only happens in small towns.  Driving thru town, locals were waving to me, but would look surprised when they realized I wasn’t the owner of the truck.

In the afternoon, when the winds were strongest, we watched a man, who had been anchored in the middle of the channel all night, weigh (raise up) anchor and attempt to re-anchor out of the channel and unfortunately, closer to us.  His anchor didn’t hold and apparently he couldn’t control the boat with his engine.  Next time we looked out, he had drifted across the creek and was aground against a private dock.

Tomorrow the winds will subside, and we will make our way to Cape Lookout where we will anchor in the bight and explore.  Monday, we will head south to Southport.


American Oyster Catcher
American Oyster Catcher

nice man
This man loaned Flip his truck to go to Piggly Wiggly!
Sunset Cruise (in the dreadful wind and rain). WE didn’t go – just took the photo
Day 7 sunset – the day was rainy and windy.
Wild horse on Beaufort Marsh, near Cape Lookout
Wild horse on Beaufort Marsh, near Cape Lookout


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